Exemptions A petition for exemption is a request to the Director of Civil Aviation to provide relief from any specified requirement in a Civil Aviation Rule approved by the Minister. Before granting an Exemption, the Director will consider whether an applicant’s proposal provides a level of safety, or risk control, equivalent to that required by the existing rule. Applicant Responsibility Petitions should be accompanied by safety and risk assessments. To be able to successfully assess an application, the CAA requires the documentation and supporting evidence to clearly support the reasons for the Exemption request, including any proposed actions or conditions to maintain an appropriate level of safety. Legal Criteria In order to grant an Exemption the Director will need to be satisfied in all cases that the risk to safety will not be significantly increased by the granting of the exemption. It is essential that appropriate evidence is provided to demonstrate that these grounds are met. The grounds are: the requirement has been substantially complied with and that further compliance is unnecessary; or the action taken or prov... Read More

International Arrangement

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the United States) SCAA (State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia) IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) Бусад ... Read More


Placards are poster that is created to illustrate the rules content. We are greatly appreciated for your feedback by email rule@mcaa.gov.mn to the Aviation Legislation and Rule Making Division of the MCAA. PLACARDS Rev / Effect date 1 Civil Aviation Rules Summary Rev.12 / 14.Dec.2018 2 Civil Aviation Safety Regulatory Structure Rev.7 / 24.Jan.2018 3 Operating Within The Mongolian Civil Aviation Rules Rev.4 / 23.Apr.2018 4 Microlight Pilot Certificate Structure: Requirements, Privileges and Limitations Rev.1 / 22.May.2016 5 What Can I Do With My Model Aircraft? Rev.1 / 22.May.2016 6 Am I fit to fly? Rev.1 / 22.May.2016 7 Mongolian Airspace Classification Rev.2 / 30.Jun.2017 8 Human Factor Rev.1 / 22.May.2016 9 VFR Visibility Minima Rev.4 / 18.Oct.2018 10 Aircraft Operator Requirements Rev.2 / 24.Jan.2018 11 UAV Flying With Control Rev.1 / 18.May.2017 12 Category and Class Interpretation Rev.1 / 18.May.2017 13 Is that Mod Approved? Rev.1 / 18.May.2017 14 MCAA and Air Safety: Our Work Behind The Scenes Rev.1 / 18.May.2017 15 Part-119 Senior P... Read More

Proposed Civil Aviation Rules

The following proposed civil aviation rules are being drafted under the Civil Aviation Rules Renovation Project 3. We are greatly appreciated for your feedback by email rule@mcaa.gov.mn to the Aviation Legislation and Rule Making Division of the MCAA. Please review common word and terms which are used for translation of the Civil Aviation Rules and provide your feedback. Phone: 285010, 285119, 285118, 285117, 285116 Procedures № Civil Aviation Rules Title  Effective date Definitions and Interpretation 1 Part-1 ИНД-1 Definitions and Abbreviations Тодорхойлолт ба товчлол  (In progress) 26.Sep.2018 Н.Энхтуяа Ё.Энхтөр Procedures 2 Part-12 ИНД-12 Accidents, Incidents and Statistics Осол, зөрчил болон статистикийн мэдээлэл (Completed) 30.Nov.2018 Б.Чинзориг М.Баатаржав 3 Part-13 ИНД-13 Investigation of Violations and Enforcement Procedures Зөрчлийг шалгах, албадлагын журам        (In progress) 01.Sep.2016 Ч.Даваад... Read More